Is it Time to Move on from Your Marriage?

Being married can be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life. Having the right person by your side can lead you to many years of happiness and exciting times.

So, what happens if you are at a point where you feel it may be best to move on from your marriage?

Will you feel good that you are making the right decision to choose another direction?

Be Sure You Want to Go in a New Direction

When you are at a point where you feel it is best to go in a new direction, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Thinking things thru – You want to be sure you have put a lot of thought into the decision to seek a divorce. Not doing so can lead you to make a choice you may end up regretting at some point. Have you tried your best to work things out with your partner? The hope is both of you have done all you can to get to the bottom of why the marriage is not working out at this point. Make sure to consider all the options. You may find a brief separation is better than ending it all. You also may look at counselling as an option. At the end of the day, try and have a clear mind when making such a big decision.
  2. Your divorce will be on the records – Once you have gone thru with a divorce, know there will be an official record of it. Yes, if in Great Britain, know that UK divorce records will show you have gotten a divorce. Depending on the lengths some people may go to, they could find your divorce info online. So, will you be okay with such a thing? Having those records online means one or more people can connect with your past. If this occurs, will it bring you any cause for concern? With all the effort you put into getting and being married, be sure a divorce others will know about is what you want.
  3. Are there young children involved? – One of the things that can make a divorce even more challenging is if there are young children involved. That said do you have one or more youngsters at home? If yes, you want to think about how a pending divorce can impact their lives? Sit down and talk things thru with your young children. Make sure they know that there is nothing they did to make the divorce occur to begin with. From there, make sure to give your children as much attention as they need moving ahead. A divorce can have a negative impact on their schoolwork, social life and even their health. That is why if you are moving on from the marriage, you still need to be a regular influence in your child’s life.

When you are considering moving on from your marriage, be sure to have as calm a head as possible.

If you are able to save the marriage, consider that a good thing. In the event the marriage can’t be saved, at least try to be on friendly terms with your ex as things move forward.

Taivan Mark
the authorTaivan Mark