Bitcoin in comparison with credit card, PayPal and Co.

When you think about your Christmas shopping in the past, it becomes clear why online shopping is becoming more and more popular. No queuing, no searching for a parking space and certainly no crowding. But if you shop online, you usually pay in the same way. In order to speed up this process and make it more secure, a separate market for payment service providers has already developed. It is best to get acquainted with this in more detail here . The promises are high and the companies involved are not always able to keep them. Anyone who appreciates the advantages of online shopping should take a closer look at Bitcoin. Because compared to other payment systems, Bitcoins can score multiple points.

The main difference between Bitcoin and common payment systems is that Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system. And as such, the digital coins bring a whole range of advantages with them. You are not only extremely fast, but also largely anonymous. In addition, no registration or usage fees are required. Even Bitcoin transactions are subject to low fees, but can be accelerated even further by voluntarily paying very small amounts.

PayPal and the classic credit card are currently among the most popular payment methods on the Internet. Compared to the bitcoins, however, these perform rather modestly, and for good reason. As a buyer, you usually don’t have to pay any fees here, but dealers are burdened all the more.And it is especially smaller companies that pay close attention to smaller amounts, as considerable sums can come together here. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is suitable for everyone involved and is therefore particularly suitable as a payment system for young companies and startups. In addition, with Bitcoin, users cannot simply be excluded at will. Even when compared with a credit card, it is the costs with which Bitcoin scores the most. Neither monthly or annual basic fees nor excessive transaction costs have to be borne by the customer or the retailer.

Bitcoin can easily keep up when it comes to secure online payments. It is not without good reason that more and more consumers and retailers are switching to digital means of payment or are also offering it, because the advantages speak for themselves.

Taivan Mark
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